Hi everyone - I've been lurking for awhile

I’m a new knitter…started just before Thanksgiving and I’ve completed umpteen scarves, two hats and a pair of Knitty’s Fetching in a lovely pink!

Yesterday I was surfing the web and came across (what I thought was a free) pattern on elann.com for a sweater called Donatella… I went back there today to order the yarn and print the pattern and IT’S GONE!?! :??

Is that site as transient as it appears or did I catch it on a changeover night? Does anyone recognize that pattern name? I like Elann.com because it tells you exactly how much yarn you need and points you right to it to order - - > very easy for me which is of utmost importance!


Jennifer (and yes, I have FOUR kids! ages 3 through 8. my 8yo knits too!)

welcome! It sounds like you’re off to a roaring start.

You’ll love it here.

[www.elann.com/productdisp.asp%3FNAME%3DGedifra%2BDonatella%26Season%3D%26Company%3D%26Cat%3DALLY%26ProductType%3D5%26OrderBy%3D%26Count%3D66+elann+donatella&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=2&gl=us]Here]([url) is the cached page …print it now before it disappears!

Hope that works! :smiley:

Welcome :hug:

Thanks! Except that it still doesn’t have the pattern and of course, down at the bottom it says, “last updated: Feb 19th”… :achoo:

on the cached page, it says last updated feb 7th on mine…

I’ll go see if i can find it for you while i have a few minutes.

You might try emailing elann and see if they’d send you that pattern. I think they’ve done that for others.


Here ya go.

Gedifra Donatella

I love you Katie!!!
I have another question…do you think the two colors on the model are apricot sand and seashells or do you think there’s another color that’s not shown on the order page???

That’s a beautiful sweater!

Welcome to the forum!!! :cheering:

That is a pretty sweater… on the pattern it says #2025 ecru and #2065 mottled apricot-beige… but ecru is not showing up as a choice that I can see…