Hi, dumb newbie questions

First off Hello Everyone! I love this site, you all seem to really know your stuff and hopefully I’ll be as good as some of you all are here. Anyway back to my dumb question, I say dumb because the answer is probably really simple.

I haven’t been knitting long. Just started back up again. I first learned over a year ago when I was pregnant so you can imagine why I had stopped since then. Anyway I have a pattern for a bikini top that I would like to knit. In the directions it say’s “k2tog tbl” I know the knit 2 together but what is tbl?

My next question…Most patterns I see say RS and WS. How do you know if your working the right side or wrong side if you work looks the same on both sides? Or does that only apply to patterns that look different on eah side???

Please Help! Thanks!!! :smiley:

TLB=Through the back loop. I had seen this on some patterns i was going to start soon and hadn’t looked to see what they meant so your question gave me an excuse to go look. If you look under “abbreviations explained” i don’t think i have seen many that aren’t listed there and a lot have videos to go with! :wink:

i think the RS is generally (emphasis on “i THINK”) what would be considered the “outside” of the work, so whatever people would see…the outside of a bag or sweater or whatever.

Thanks Brenda! :cheering: