Hi and socks!

Well i am picking up my needles after some 20 years and i find things have moved on…thanks to the internet and all these free patterns and pics for inspiration. It’s great!

I was never a greaqt knitter, only the basic purl and knit, but i am pleased i can remember to do that ok. Amazing how the brain remembers some things isn’t it.

Anyway, on to my question. I have been looking through pattern central at sock patterns but there are SO many. Could someone recomend a really basic pattern, no cable and only one colour.


here you go…pick one of these you will have to know gauge and some measurements but it will make you a pattern custom to your foot…and the pattern is detailed and easy to knit.


Here is a great sock tutorial if you want/need a full review on sock knitting.

I second Silver’s sock tutorial. I used her tutorial for my first pair of socks and just used one of her tutorials to try a new cast off on my 15th pair of socks. I typically recommend people start with worsted weight yarn and make a pair of boot socks. Obviously the socks go faster with larger yarn and it also allows you to see your stitches better.
Welcome to the addiction

I’m doing my first socks for a person (Christmas stockings were great practice) when I happened to spy the Heart and Sole yarn by Red Heart which is self-striping. My girls, ages 15 and 19, are mad about them and their friends are green with envy because they can’t buy them for themselves.

You can find the pattern here and see the yarns (which are cheap, BTW).

All of the suggestions here are great… sheesh, now I have so new projects I want to try. You guys are killing me! :wink:

i use the yarn harlot’s basic sock pattern. it’s relatively quick and easy plus i use the self striping yarns.

the pattern’s in “Knitting Rules!”