Hi and Help!

Hi everyone, I am really glad I have found this forum. I have been knitting a beautiful cable jumper for my son and I am stuck on the collar. Its really frustrating as I only need to knit the collar to complete the jumper but no matter how I read the pattern it just aint working. HELP :knitting: . the pattern goes as follows : 1st row (K1, P1) 38 times turn. 2nd row S1K (P1,K1 30 times turn. 3rd row S1P (K1,P1) 31 times turn. 4th row S1K (P1,K1) 32 times turn. Work 11 rows in this way working 2sts more in rib on every row. Seems simple enough doesnt it and the first four rows work finr but when you go on to the next four there doesnt seem to be enough stitches to complete the rows. Thanks in advance to anyone that can help me. Lisa xxxx

Do you have a link to the pattern? It looks like you might be shaping the collar. :think:

Hi Jan thanks for your reply I am sorry but I cant find the pattern nline and I dont have a scanner to put the photo on. The pattern is by stylecraft and its pattern number 4175.It is a lap over collar. Thanks for your reply. Lisaxx

Is it the blue collared one here?

I’ve never done a collar like that so hopefully someone can help soon.

Yes !!! I just found it as well and was trying to get it to upload lol. Lisa xxx

:think: How many stitches do you have in all?

it has 91 sts to start. Thanks xx

When you got past the first few rows, did you incorporate the other stitches? I think thats what you’re supposed to do–not just work on the first 38.

yes after the first four rows i added 2 mor sts and that brings you back to the end of the row so when you start the 2nd row you have to do 62 sts then turn but then the 3rd row wants you to do 64 sts and then just aint enough. xx


If you have 91 stitches to start with, and by the end of row 4 you’ve worked 64 stitches, wouldn’t you have 13 stitches at each end (+ the slipped one) to work with? If you did 2 stitches on each row, that would give you 6 more rows. Maybe you’re supposed to work for a[I] total[/I] of 11 rows rather than 11 rows more?

the problem is you are turning in the middle of the rows so when you get to row 6 you are back at the beginning but you are only knitting 62 sts plus the slipped one but then on the next row you need 64. maybe I am getting the first four rows wrong I will try it again and see what happens. Thanks for the advice. xx