Hi and help

I have 46 stitches. The pattern now reads cast off 13, place 20 on a stitch holder. cast off remaining 13. Do I cut the yarn after casting off the first 13 stitches. How do I get yarn for the last 13 stitches to be cast off. Please any help. I don’t want to mess up.

Hi and welcome.

What pattern are you using? Based on what you’ve posted I would bind off 13 then knit another 19 - with the stitch remaining on the right needle after bind off there would be 20 stitches to put on waste yarn. Then I’d knit the last 13.


I agree with GG that it would make sense to work across those central stitches unless this is a pattern where for some reason it is vital to leave them unworked on this row. Casting off the last 13 will be easier and neater if the yarn has been worked across and the central stitches will, for the time being, remain on the needle and can be slipped to a holder later.

If you do not work the central stitches you will need to cut the yarn after the first set of 13 bound off, leaving a 4 to 6 inch tail to weave in later. Then you would slip the central stitches until you have 13 remaining, then you would need to rejoin in the yarn. Do this by keeping a tail to weave in (hold behind your needle to give a little tension in the first stitch) and just begin the knitting (binding off). At the end of the row you would leave another tail and cut the yarn.
Working across the central stitches reduces the number of tails to weave in.


Thank you. I will try this.