Hi All

BAck into knitting once again after quiting for the summer when I painted instead. As soon as the cooler weather started, I got into knitting and finished a lap ‘sweater’… well, actually, I knit it until I ran out of yarn for it. It was going to be a shawl but it’s not long enough, so lap rug it is… :slight_smile:
I’ve knit 3 pair of socks as Christmas presents and have another pair on the needles right now and I’ve done endless hats and cowls. A cowl seems to have an ending whereas a scarf seems never to end… LOL!
I’ve been using up what I have but I’ve been mixing yarns so that the pieces are beautifully varied… and thick! Even my doctor is getting a hat set! I’m just that grateful to her.
But, best of all, my daughter has begun to take an interest in knitting and is doing a scarf from yarn she has on hand. I’m expecting it to be quite colourful and full of buttons since she has asked me for some from my button stash… it’s all good!
So, here I am again… funnily enough I’ve forgotten lots of things… not how to knit socks but hats were really eluding me at first… so I invented a hat that I liked… a kind of toque with a bubble row for height… just leave out the bubble row for a man’s toque.
So I’m glad I’m back… watch out for all my ‘stupid’ questions… my memory is not what it once was… :wink: and I’m hoping my daughter will appear on the site. I gave her the address and I have high hopes that her knitting will not end with her scarf.

Welcome back!

:woohoo: I am the same way as I quit for the summer and start up when the first cool day shows up… I am new to the site and hope to see you often. Kathy

Nice to see you, Tema! Welcome back! :yay:

Welcome Back Tema!

Thank you for the welcome. IT’s much appreciated.
TEMA :yay:

Hi, Tema. I’m pretty new to knitting and was so glad to find this site. I read your post about the scarf in the other thread. It sounds like your daughter gets her creativity from you. Oh, not to rain on your parade or anything, but I think I’ve cornered the market on stupid questions here. :stuck_out_tongue: I think one of the reasons I love knitting is there is so much to explore and learn.