Hi all!

Sorry for not being around for a while… but…

I’M BACK NOW!!! :woot:

Want to pick up my needles and work with the bamboo/cotton yarn that I purchased too long ago.

I have this project in mind: [COLOR=red]http://oma57.tripod.com/entrelac.html[/COLOR] but would like to have a zipper finish so that I can remove it from time to time to put in the wash.

Have I missed anything important on this web site in the last 6 or so months?

Huggs and kisses to everyone who missed me and tough luck to those who haven’t :stuck_out_tongue:


Welcome back, Tamar!!

The forum has been updated to new software so it may look a bit different, but it’s not hard to navigate or figure out. If you do have questions or problems just ask.

Huggs and kisses to everyone who missed me and tough luck to those who haven’t :stuck_out_tongue:

:roflhard: I missed you! :wink:

That’s a beautiful pillow! I’ve never done zippers, but I don’t see why you couldn’t do it. :thumbsup:

:waving: hi Tamar! :hug:

Hi! :waving: Welcome back. I was wondering what happened to you! Nice to hear from you again.

welcome back!!! It seems to be the season for re-entrances!!! :waving:


You’ve missed a few of my really bad jokes, which is to say you haven’t missed anything.


Welcome back to the fold! :hug:

What an ambitious project!!! Jumping in with both feet, eh? Wowser!

Thanks everyone.

I’ve done three washclothes in entrelac before and I’ll probablly only go for a small pillow at first - something for my two year old.

I also have some other easier project in mind but I want to try the pattern out first on spare yarn and then, if I like it I’ll have to get some suitable yarn.

Hi Tamar. Shana tova and chatima tova

Welcome back, sweetie!:hug:

Instead of a zipper, you could make the back like a pillow sham, with overlapping halves. That way there’s no zipper to mark a little one’s face if it gets turned over.

Jeremy, gmar chatima tova and shana tova to you too. Thank you.

Denise, thank you for your kind words :aww:. My husband doesn’t call me sweetie.:sad:

Roseybee, I’d like to make a little pillow first for my doughter’s [I]back[/I] that she can use on her Dora chair, so it doesn’t matter about the zipper. But your idea sounds interesting. Can you give me some more details on what you mean?