Hi all...Does anyone have a good pattern for a throw?

I’m wanting to start making christmas gifts for my family and would like to find a quick and easy pattern for a really nice throw/afghan that is a bit larger than just a lap throw. So far I’ve had no luck in finding a pattern that looks really nice but isn’t too difficult. I’m truly a beginner knitter.

Also if you can recommend a nice yarn to use. I’m knitting a throw for myself right now and using chenile by Lion Brand and it sheds and kind of a pain to work with. Some of the yarn that I’ve seen is kind of boring and some looks like it would be difficult to work with. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Check out The Big Book of Quick Knit Afghans by Leisure Arts. They have a few really easy, yet beautiful designs. They are all made with size 17 circs w/ two strands of yarn held together.

This afghan from Leisure Arts’ Afghan Medley to Knit is pretty simple too if you know YO and SSK.

Check out Lionbrand’s free patterns. The afghan patterns are at the bottom of the page.

Freepatterns.com has some nice afghans; take a peek and see if any are for you.

The afghan in this Learn to Knit book is remarkably easy!! It was the first afghan that I made from a pattern! My finished afghan is proudly displayed on my bed. When I finished it, my mother tried to steal it!! :lol: I took that as a definite compliment!!

As far as the yarn is concerned, you can really use anything you like. Just take the recipient into account; for example, if using wool, be careful to note who’s allergic. Or if using an expensive yarn, be mindful of the kind of “life” the afghan will “live” … would you really want to spend hundreds of dollars to make a afghan for a child who might well drag the afghan around on the floor (or other such frightful afghan abuse!) :shock: And the yarn also depends on the pattern. A lot of patterns call for worsted weight while other call for chuncky. The best way is to touch and feel many yarns. I’ve only ever used acrylic and there are tons of different feeling acrylics out there. The one I really want to try is Bernat® Berella® “4”. It not in any retail stores in my neck of the woods and I don’t like ordering online because of the shipping & handling. :frowning:

Anyhoo … Hope that helps! If I think of anymore, I’ll let you know…

You might have started that afghan by now but if you want some really different ideas, I just fell in love with an afghan in this book, Georgous Knitted Afghans by Fatema, Khadija and Hajera Habibur-Rahman. The one I want to make is so luxurious but simple, it has like 3 main sections, 2 on each end are ribbed I think and then the middle is plain but a mohair section. Done in soft browns. Well, something like that, you’d know it if you see it.

Thought you might like to take a look at the book if you’re near a bookstore.

I’ve read some wonderful things about that book too!

Hey Beth, here is the link to the book’s info at Borders.com.