HHG- chance to win free gift baskets!

(mods Im sorry if this doesnt fit in general discussion, I wasn’t sure where else to add it, and I promise it is knitting related- there is yarn in the gift baskets, and its free to enter!)

HHG (happily handmade giveaway) has now started! It’s a chance to win one of 50 free gift baskets put together by indie designers.

How to enter:
http://www.midnightskyfibers.com/ and click on the top banner in the left coloumn or on the “contests” link in the left sidebar in the shop section.

What is HHG?

HHG stands for “Happily Handmade Giveaway”. If you love supporting Indie designers and would like the chance to win one of 50 awesome gift baskets, this contest is for you! You can sign up on each sponsors web page.

HHG is trying to spread the news of the contest as much as possible, so if you would tell friends/family about HHG that would be great! If you have a blog or a wesbite and want to trade links, HHG will trade links with you (see: http://www.happilyhandmadegiveaway.com/index.php)


Thanks!! The yarns look DELICIOUS! :teehee: I like the jewelry too!

Nadja xxx

what is an Indie designer??? :shrug: :shrug:

Independent, someone that isn’t affiliated with a big company, but does his/her designs on her own.

Most (in HHG, I can’t speak for all) are also home based, womyn run in this giveaway. If you see something you really like from them, they’d love hearing it in an email :slight_smile:

The first of the gift baskets can now be seen (more will be posted shortly). You can see them here:

Again, you can enter at any of the sites on HHG or go directly to my site to sign up (lef column, banner at the top!): http://midnightskyfibers.com

There is a new HHG going on with many, many incredible gift baskets. Entering as before is on my site :slight_smile: