HeyDayCrochet Doily Bag Questions

Hi.:grinning:I need your guys help with the pattern for heyday daily bag sm03.gif i’am having a hard time with making the bag.the pattern says that gauge doesn’t matter on this pattern.I had to rip the bag back twice so far because the bag is still abit big for me.:cry:
The pattern is in uk terms.Its uk dc’s and us sc’s. I am usually a loose crocheter .I have tried using both a h hook and a g hook.I am using my vanna choice worsted weight label 4.I don’t know if I could use a f crochet hook on a 4 play label yarn. :thinking:
The pattern is a paid pattern.
The yarn that she uses is rico creative 100 percent cotton Aran which has on the yarn label of 17 sts and 22 rows 4 inches.

I don’t know if I should try a few different things like trying to change the way I hold the yarn or change the yarn weight or go by the gauge on the yarn labels or change the type of crochet hook to plastic? sm13.gif

I don’t know what to do.what do you guys think that I should do? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

You’ve hit on the answer. Try a few different things. I agree that going down to an F hook may not be the best choice but you can try it. It may make the crochet too tight and difficult to work however.
What about using a different, thinner yarn? There’s quite a bit of latitude even in nominally “worsted weight” yarns and you might be better off with something toward the thinner end of the scale. Maybe you have some scrap yarn that you can use to test this out?

Hi Salmonmac.:smiley: Thanks for replying to my question.:grinning:
I am gonna try to use some scrap yarn that i can test out like you said.:thinking: