Hey, What are you reading these days?

In my experience, knitters adore reading and if you do, I invite you to share what you have enjoyed lately. Recommendations can be a great way to discover new or not so new must reads. I am just starting Water for Elephants. What are you reading?

Recently read [I]The Magician’s Nephew[/I] and [I]Prince Caspian[/I] and now I’m reading [I]Pride and Prejudice[/I]. All EXCELLENT books!

“Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day”. http://www.slashfood.com/2008/02/21/artisant-bread-in-five-minutes-a-day-cookbook-of-the-day/

[I]River God[/I] by Wilbur Smith. It’s the first book in a series of 4. Begins with [I]River God, Seventh Seal, Warlock [/I]and [I]The Quest[/I]. I’m waiting for my sister to finish [I]The Quest [/I]so I can read it next, but I’ve been through the others and they’re fabulous.

Also, I’m finishing [I]The Navigator [/I]by Clive Cussler and Paul Kamprecos. I’m a huge Cussler fan.

My mom gave me [I]Water for Elephants [/I]but I haven’t gotten to it yet. Are you liking it?

I have a 4 year old and a 2 year old, so I mostly listen to audiobooks on my iPod. I just finished book 10 of Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series. Before I listen to book 11 (the last one, for now, til 12 comes out, which is the final book of the series), I decided to listen to To Kill A Mockingbird, which I’ve never read. I’m completely in love with it.

At the moment, I’m reading “[I]Cabinet of Curiosities[/I]” by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child. They also wrote “[I]Relic[/I]” (from which the movie was made), and I just finished that one for the 2nd time.

Thanks so much, will be off to my library to check out your “reads.” I’m lucky to have a fabulous library about two blocks away - it’s a great retreat.

SBG - To Kill A Mockingbird, both book and movie are keepers. My kids are a young and in college 20 year old and a 15 year old and we have included this in our dvd and book libraries for years. It is often required reading in middle or high school English classes. Love the audio book on ipod also but I pay attention to the actor or person who is narrating - sometimes it makes or breaks an otherwise wonderful book?

Sunshine, my mom also gave me water for elephants and insisted I read it. She is always a wonderful resource. She recently had outpatient surgery and we spend the remainder of her surgery day reading the book to each other while we knit. One of us read and the other knits - It occurred to me that this is how families used to spend time together before radio and tv, doing handwork in evenings with one family member reading aloud. I haven’t gotten far enough and don’t want to ruin it but so far it is brilliantly written and I’m savoring it.

Thanks for all the recommendations and stay tuned!


I am about to start ‘Water for Elephants.’ My DH read it first and really enjoyed it. I love reading as most here do but find I go in spurts. Does anyone else have this problem? I will read several books and then wait awhile before going onto another. So, unfortunately, I am backed up with my reading material.

OK, I feel like the “trashy” reader here.:teehee: I’m reading “Back To The Summerhouse” by Jude Devereaux…most commonly known as “beach reading” although I’m nowhere near a beach.
The book I read before that was “When We Get To Surf City” by Bob Greene. I adore his books…one of the best ones I’ve ever read was “Be True To Your School”, and his tribute to his friend Jack in “And You Know You Should Be Glad” is amazing. Lots of reviewers call him “old-fashioned, dated, saccharine, schmaltzy”, etc; but I’ve never read a book of his I didn’t like. They are all taken from real life experiences…I think there was one that wasn’t, come to think of it…and the people you “meet” through his books are very special.

I’ve just started Glass Tiger that my daughter lent me.
So far a good read and enjoying it.

Persuasion! I’m really wanting to read the Chronicles of Narnia…

I’m reading “Loving Frank”, a novel based on the true story of Frank Lloyd Wright and his mistress. So far I like it a lot.

I’m in a big Philippa Gregory phase it seems. I’m currently reading [I]Wideacre[/I] and I just finished [I]The Other Boleyn Girl[/I] and [I]The Constant Princess[/I]- both fantastic. I also just read [I]North and South[/I] by Elizabeth Gaskell and[I] Northanger Abbey [/I]by Jane Austen.

I’m reading [I]Anne of Green Gables[/I] for the umpteenth time :teehee:
Before that, I read [I]Children of Cain[/I] by Miriam Grace Monfredo, [I]Shoe Addicts Anonymous[/I] and [I]Secrets of a Shoe Addict [/I]by Beth Harbison.

I LOVED Water for Elephants! And miccisue, I read Back to the Summerhouse and enjoyed it. Not the kind of book I usually read, but it was a nice diversion. :thumbsup:

I just started reading Carl Hiaason’s Nature Girl. I’ve enjoyed his other books so we’ll see.

Some excellent books that I loved if you’re looking for books…

The Kite Runner
Three Cups of Tea
Snowflower and the Secret Fan
Veil of Roses

Anything by Janet Evanovich, Robert Crais, Jodi Picoult, Christopher Moore… so many more, but it’s a start for you. :wink:

I’m sure you will LOVE them, I’ve never heard anyone that didn’t. [I]The Magician’s Nephew[/I] is my fav so far…

How was [I]Northanger Abby[/I]?

Do all of you know about Project Gutenberg? You can download books that are not longer copyrighted for free, they are either so old that no one has the copyright anymore or the company that had it no longer exist. Anyway thought you all would like to know about it.

Northanger Abbey was fantastic. It is a little different from Austen’s other works, but it was just great.

Have you read any Elizabeth Gaskell? She’s in the same vein as Austen.

[B]Wild Fibers [/B]magazine published and authored by Linda Cortwright

This magazine is [U]the best in the world[/U]! My husband even gloms onto it before I can get to it! He snatches it out of the mailbox!

It is the quality of National Geographic, but specifically features the peoples and cultures from all around the world and of course, how they make and use fiber! The Summer 2008 issue covers (in one article) the people who raise the long-haired cashmere goats in Tibet. Linda actually treks all over the world and lives with the people. She publishes fantastic photography, and the in depth articles about the people,their lives and animals, etc. is incredible.

For example, here is a paragraph from her front page on the website, about a feature in the current Summer 2008 issue:

[B]“Thanks to the efforts of one very ambitious Ladakhi, Dr. Tsering Phuntsog, India has its first cashmere mill that is owned and operated by nomads. Now in its second full year of production, the mill is providing new economic opportunities for nomads who no longer want to see their profits fall into the hands of the middleman – the Kashmiri traders; who have purchased their fine pashmina for far too long.”[/B]

WILD FIBERS MAGAZINE Well worth the subscription cost!

THIS PHOTO BELOW CHANGES FROM SCENE TO SCENE IF YOU HIT YOUR F5 (refresh) KEY! You can see it better and faster if you click on the WILD FIBERS LINK ABOVE. It is on her homepage! I love it!

Reading: Back to the Family (by Art Smith- He’s Oprah’s personal chef… Anything with her stamp on it goes for big bucks. The librarian likes my family… And she let us have the books they were getting rid of for free. :slight_smile: ) A lot of others, but what I was reading last.
Listening to: The Cat of Bubastes By G. A. Henty.

Both great reads. :slight_smile:

A narrator can definitely make or break an audiobook!