Hey there

Hi, I’m a newbie so I thought I’d introduce myself…

I’m Tracey, married with 2 kids, a dog and a few rats. I used to dabble in knitting when I was a teen and have recently rediscovered the joy of sitting with 2 needles and a fresh ball of yarn… :slight_smile:

Being unable to find a jumper or cardigan that I like in the stores, I decided to knit my own, but to practice things like inc and dec by knitting animals first. Well, I am still jumper-less but the menagerie is growing! :teehee:

I guess I class myself as a nervous intermediate! So, I hope to make some new friends, learn lots and knit forevermore. :mrgreen:

Hi. Welcome to KH. I’d love to see your menagerie.

Yes, welcome to KH!

If you find a jumper pattern you like, you can always start on it and then come here to ask questions when you get stuck. KH is like having a 24-hour knitting guru right by your side!

And please do post some pics of your animal critters on the Whatcha’ Knittin’ thread! We love to see finished objects, and we’ll provide lots of positive feedback to bolster your confidence!!!

Welcome to Knitting Help!!

We’d love to see your critters! We have a forum just for sharing our lovely knitting (and crochet) projects. :thumbsup:

There’s a wonderful pattern site called Ravelry that you can search for some ideas for your cardi, too. It’s free. Be sure to come back here though and hang out! :yay:

Thanks for the warm welcome. :muah:

I shall get some photos taken and posted asap. Jan, I love Ravelry, I could spend hours browsing on there :thumbsup:

Hi Tracey!

A hearty welcome to you and your menagerie!:waving: