Hey there

Hi my name is Cassie. I am new here to knittinghelp.com, and new to knitting! In fact, I don’t even have a knitting kit yet, which will hopefully change today. I was wondering if any of you guys could give me some pointers on where to begin? Thanks in advance!

Go to the home page on this sight and find an easy pattern. After that, look at the videos on the home page and practice. You can then start on your pattern. Also, read, read, read about knitting. This forum is great about giving tips on the Questions and Answers.

Welcome! I love your screen name. :slight_smile: Any advice I could give you would only be good if you plan to become completely addicted to knitting- if not you wouldn’t want to spend the money. :slight_smile: I would find an easy pattern, get the needles and yarn you need for that pattern, and see where it takes you. Then if you become addicted, we can give you all sorts of advice on the best tools and yarns. :slight_smile:

thanks guys, this is much appreciated!

:woot: Welcome to KH!! You will be addicted to knitting (and here) in no time :teehee:

:smiley: That’s what I’m counting on!

About how much do knitting kits usually run for anyways?

My advice for yarn

  1. Resist the temptation of all that fancy, sparkly, fuzzy, “fun” yarn till later. Anything fuzzy or furry looks great on the store shelf…leave it there for now! Save those for after you are comfortable with your new talent.:wall:
  2. Also resist any really thin yarn, it can also be frustrating if you’re just learning the basic stiches :hair:
  3. A nice medium, acrylic is great to learn on…some are softer than others
  4. CLEARANCE! Go straight to the clearance yarn (ask if you don’t see it). :woohoo:


Great thanks! :mrgreen:

You don’t really have to buy a kit, it’s much less expensive to get some medium thick, smooth light colored yarn and needles about size 10/6mm. That’s all you need to start.

suzeeq is right. And the videos on this site are great and you will learn so much if you watch them over and over till you have each stitch down. It takes practice and more practice. Good luck and welcome to the best knitting site on the web. :happydance:

Watch the videos.
I couldnt figure out how to even cast on until I saw the video here.
I cant believe how much I learned in the past few months.

Welcome to Knitting Help!! :yay:

I agree, no kit is necessary. I suggest getting some nice, soft worsted weight yarn like Caron Simply Soft and some US size 8 or 9 needles. That’s all you really need to learn to knit. To actually learn how to cast on and the stitches you can view the KH videos linked at the top of the page. If you need to have still pictures to print out and sit next to you while you learn (I did) check out these sites, too.


Okay thank you. :slight_smile:

Thanks to EVERYONE who replied to my thread, you’ve all been a big help! :aww:

Welcome to Knitting Help! Knitting is lots of fun and you’ll be addicited as soon as you get the hang of it! :slight_smile:

Welcome and good luck with your knitting endeavor! I hope you wind up loving it as much as we all do!!!

I know I will it’s just taking a little time to get the hang of it. :slight_smile:

Practive, practice and a little more of the same. I feel if you want to learn to knit you can. The videos here are superb and there is always someone here to answer any question you might have. As others have stated no kit is necessary yet. Just keep it up, you will become another addict. Welcome aboard… :thumbsup:

I’ll third or fourth the “skip the kit” advice. Check out the “Knitters Knear You” section- you might find someone that would be willing to get together with you and help you learn. Knitters are a friendly bunch. :slight_smile: