Hey, that Scrunchable Scarf

I started with this pattern last night and with only 21 stiches, size 11 needles I have about 20 inches done already. I really like the texture. My husband said he thought it was cool, too, and I’d never have tried it had I not seen KellyK answer somebody’s request for a picture of it. I’m using an acrylic scrap I had left-over from another project. Anybody done with with like a really soft something? Seems like this could be good for a blanket, too.

No progress on Dakota’s stocking because I ran out of graph paper to work out the chart for her name.

OOH! I think it would be an AWESOME blanket!! Maybe with doubled yarn & big fat needles!!

SO glad you’re likin the pattern…


I did it in Crystal Palace Musique. It’s a really soft, thick/thin, wool/cotton/acrylic mix in variegated colors. It came out wonderfully!!

It’s a great scarf pattern. I :heart: :heart: :heart: it!

Happy Knitting :XX: :XX:


If you google printable graph paper you get a lot of choices. You can get knitters graph paper, too.

oooohhhhhh, I gotta try that. It also occured to me I could do it in a spreadsheet. thanks all for the great ideas!

I so :heart: that scarf :heart:

What’s the scrunchable scarf pattern?


as I learned on that knitting show I can’t stand to watch on DYI…

knitter’s graph paper is a bit different than regular graph paper…It’s more a rectangle than square to make up for the rectangleness of the knit stitch…