Hey Silver (OT)

I’m a nosey kind of guy, which caused me to visit your web site… WHAT AN AWESOME SITE!!! :cheering: Did you make it yourself??? I am VERY impressed!!!

You’ll find out that silver has many, many talents and enormous amounts of info. I really enjoy her site too. I think we talked about this somewhere in the past and I’m pretty sure she did do it herself. I’m sure she’ll be around soon to tell you for sure.

SILVER IS A GODDESS!! (But she doesnt like to think so…) :wink:

:oops: That’s me blushing because I’m quite embarassed now! :oops:

Yes, aside from knitting, I am a professional graphic artist and website designer. I also handmake soap, bath and body products, make a mean creme brulee, or Thanksgiving Day turkey, and can tie my own shoes. :mrgreen:

Thank you!! :inlove:

DUDE :shock: You can tie your own shoes?

Nik…[size=6]I[/size] was gonna say that!! :roflhard: :roflhard: Nik…great minds, babe…great minds :wink:

She doesn’t only tie them, she ties them in a Celtic knot!! :smiley:

And she has children, and so on…

Yes, I can tie my own shoes. BUT… I tie them so they’re juuuuust right so I can slip them on and off and never have to tie or untie them.

Hey, wait… I hope I can still tie my shoes. :shock:

Hey I do that!!! i thought i was the only grown up that did that!!! i also buy the tenis with no shoestrings!

now i’m gonna have to check out you site… don’t know y i haven’t by now.

~updated~ it is cool. i wish i could look at more but with the rain my computer acts fiunky so i’ll have to catch it another time!!

Are you for HIRE for your graphics art work??? I need to find someone that can create a perfume label for my Puppy Perfume…!!!
I’ve had 2 other people give it a shot, but their work didn’t impress me. If you’re available, can I e-mail you what they created, so that you have an idea of what I’m looking for???

Absolutely Glen! :slight_smile:

Silver: our own Renaissance Woman.