Hey Rebecca...About your socks

They are really fun! I am knitting up a pair now and Have a question. I finished the pattern loop stitches and am at the point where you say to turn the knitting inside out. And am I little confused. If I literally turn the sock inside out then the working yarn is on the wrong needle (left one). How do I start doing the ribbing? I am sorry if this is a really stupid question as I am sure it is.


When u flip the sock inside out; even though the working yarn is then on the left side needle, begin k2p2 ribbing with the yarn on the left side as if it’s on the right side needle and by the time you make the 1st round the yarn will be back as it should be on the right side needle; then when you go from this last needle back to the 1st, make sure that you give it a slight tug, you will still have a small hole, but it will not be noticeable when you are done.
Now, did that make any sense? I apologize, my directions are not coming from mind to keyboard as well as i hoped!! How’s this…just keep on knitting even tho it looks weird and it will be fine after the 1st round?!
let me know…

Hey, I just read this in a different sock pattern:

“Turn the cuff by turning the sock inside out. You will now be knitting in the opposite direction. Slip the first stitch purlwise, and continue ribbing by K1, P2, *K2, P2 repeat around”

What do you think, Rebecca? Would that take care of the small hole made by just knitting starting the other direction?