Hey, my technique has been stolen

This lady swiped my knitting style:roflhard:

holy cow! that’s FAST! LOL! thanks for sharing.

How does she even see what she’s doing??? Though, I’ve gotta admit, if I knitted that fast I wouldn’t get bored on larger projects. :slight_smile:

The Dude Lesson (right below) cracked me up. Some of the looks on their faces were priceless!


that’s amazing-almost 2 stitches per SECOND. WOW!!!

Isn’t knitting supposed to be enjoyable? I can’t imagine it would be fun to go so fast that you don’t even see what you’re doing.

From what I’ve read, she’s mastered the art of REM (rapid eye movement). She can see and enjoy everything she’s doing.

In one of the videos on KP she talks about that (rapid eye movement)…

It would come in handy during the holiday times or that never ending afghan :teehee:

I did like one of her tips, I hold my left index finger very far out…she mentioned that puts a strain on those muscles and I do get sore after I knit for a long spell…so I’m going to try and hold it closer, not sure I can hold it as close as she does though…

This would be a whole lot more helpful if they did it with the camera [I]behind[/I] them and show us how in slow motion.

Man if I could knit that fast I could get a full sized blanket in under a day. Imagine how many projects could get done!

Get out, shes just pretending…

Seriously though, I dont think I can even move my hands that fast. I should video tape myself knitting and you guys could really have a laugh… No need for slo-mo lets say…

In my fastest knitting session (my husband timed me) I did 67 stitches per minute. So she does it almost twice as fast as me! :passedout:

I agree. She moves so fast that I can’t follow. The negative would be having to buy all that yarn so you always… wait, that’s not a negative! :slight_smile:


I can’t remember where I saw this (looked it up on YouTube, but it wasn’t there…) but it was a video of a woman knitting socks on dp’s, and she used something I can only call “lever action” knitting. She raised and lowered her working needle with the knuckle of her right thumb, up and down. Fastest thing I have ever seen (until the video above.) It was awesome! Now, If I could only find it…

I’ll edit back in when I do and give the link…

:figureditout: That’s the reason why I need to learn to knit like this! I have a stash so big that I always think I’ll never be able to knit it all up! Anyone wanna pass this along to the stash-busters? I’d work through my stash in no time! (I did teach myself to continental knit-stitch yesterday due to this woman!)


Was that the yarn harlot? Was it on someone’s blog and they did a diagram of how she holds the yarn and needles complete with degrees of the angles? I was fascinated by that one!