Hey! Moss Stitch is kinda pretty!

Who knew? :shrug:
:roflhard: :rofl: :roflhard:

Not so much with my pictorial skills在ut ya know, I likey the little diamonds it forms.

You know what, every picture of moss stitch I always thought it looked kinda eh. In fact every picture I have seen apparantly doesnt do it justice, because what you have just shown me, is really nice. I love the effect as well. Its much different from what Ive seen.

Maybe its the angle?


That is really cool. I think I know the next thing I wanna learn.

Mason - its very easy, its just alternating knit and purls, then on the following row, where there was a knit, it becomes a purl, and purl becomes a knit etc.

I love moss stitch too, its quite a stretchy stitch as well, from my experience with it.

How are you doing that? It looks different in your photo. Its beautiful though!

Well Ive never knit moss stitch before so I just trusted Berrocco when they said this was it! :roflhard: I guess I"m sort of doing a double moss stitch then cuz here are the directions copied and pasted from the site

MOSS STITCH (Even number of sts)
Rows 1 and 2: * K1, p1, rep from * across.
Rows 3 and 4: * P1, k1, rep from * across.
Rep these 4 rows for Moss St.

But they called it moss stitch! Hehe字egardless, its purdy. Oh and the yarn is double stranded so its a nice thick, plush fabric.

I always get confused and tend to interchange moss stitch and seed stitch. I think yours IS moss. Its really pretty!

Yeah, if I understand right, moss is two rows before changing the pattern, and seed is only one row of each. Im doing a long jacket in moss stitch now, and Im LOVING it!

well then i have been corrected - i have a couple of books here that refer to moss and seed stitch as the same thing :?? (ie moss (seed) stitch) go figure.

Well i learnt something today :oops:

That looks really great :cheering:

I like to use moss stitch combined with cable stitches. It lends that Celtic look to the cables.

Nadja xxx

There are several versions of moss stitch, one of which looks like what we know as seed stitch in the US.

An explanation of US vs. UK.

Yet another version.

:doh: thanks jane, this dang UK/US thing, certainly makes life interesting


BTW: now im gonna have to go find out what the UKites call seed stitch :out:

ahhh aka seed stitch so i wonder if i knit an american moss stitch, what would i tell a UKer it was :??

Yes Dee, as soon as the damn Yanks catch up with the rest of the world, things will be a lot easier! :teehee:

So many patterns are US that you learn (and have to know) to check which conventions are being used in a pattern but Americans dont have the same problem very often, I think. By the way Mason I meant American seed stitch when I said moss stitch looks great in novelty wools. Much easier with an odd number of stitches! Im a Kiwi.

Most amusing knitting Americanism: fingering yarn. Ha ha snigger. :roflhard:


:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Hi all! I couldnt resist showing you what I made (my fourth FO since learning how to knit in June). Its the Moss Grid Hand Towel in the Mason Dixon Knitting book. I used Plymouth Yarn - Linen Isle.

This purse has cables on the body and I do love how it looks with the moss background rathere than reverse st st.

How interesting about the differences between UK/US stuff!

Oh my! :shock: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

now that you mention it! :rofl:

as an aside, i grew up with a couple of meanings for the word nappy, the two related to each other but one of them a little vulgar. when i went to zimbabwe 11 years ago (how time flies!) and saw a sign that said nappies for sale, i couldnt believe what i was reading. thats when i learned, oh in british english that means diaper!

oh, and your seed stitch or moss stitch or whatever its called looks really pretty. i had thought they were the same thing, too. i hope i can remember the difference in the future.

hmmm ive always called diapers a nappy - guess its cause we are mostly british decent here.