Hey I am getting bold in old age

:woohoo: This week I made my first pair of felted ballet slippers. he he
Now I am attempting to make felt clogs:knitting: :knitting:

Thanks for all the encouragement:heart:

can we see pictures!!!:yay:

Hi Neighbor! :waving:

I hope you are high-and-dry down there in Vancouver! Stay dry, stay well!

Knit on Good Woman!

Dollyce aka Artlady

:waving: hi over there!, good job :thumbsup: .

Way to go. Success has a way of encouraging you to continue to stretch your skills doesn’t it. One of the great joys of knitting as far as I’m concerned.

Wow, we’ve got a big ole Washingtonian thread happening here (plus RI!)

Just need someone from central Wa.

wait…you mean people LIVE THERE? :teehee:

I mean…wha?

I heard rumors.