Hey Everyone!

:waving: Hi guys boy have I missed this forum!! I’m so far behind its not funny I don’t know where to even start!! I have went into just a few posts… Congrats to all the winners and Happy Anniversary!!!

Mom came up last Friday we had a wonderful time at the knit fling it started at 6pm-12am we made it to about 10:45 then mom said ok I can’t tell my needle from my yarn anymore LOL dh couldn’t belive we knitted for for almost 5hrs only stopping to eat once…

I loved working with the alpaca it was sooo soft mom really enjoyed it as well… Mom was using an extra pair of 15s circs I had I was using my interchangeable set we had to both give those up for ohh great I can’t remeber the name they start with the ‘a’ after that you couldn’t slow us down!!

My SIL came up too and we got her knitting she is making a scarf she seems to really enjoy it…

After putting a dent in my yarn money stash (they gave us coupons just for that night so I was able to get more than what I saved :cheering: ) We came home and they watched Knitty Gritty LOL dh was like you guys still wanna see knitting??? :rollseyes: of course!!

Sat. we went back to the LYS :shock: got sock yarn and the pattern… :thinking:

Then on Sunday we all left for WV had a wonderful time… Mom’s computer is in the kid’s room and even though she has dsl she has the chords disconnected (long story) so nooo computer for a WEEK… I could have wired it back up but when it was quite and calm the kids were sleeping with the computer :wink:

I finally finished the baby blanket… I kept hitting snags knitting the opposite way when I laid down in the middle of the round and didn’t notice for awhile… :frog: ran out of yarn had to wait for my brother to get me some he lives near wally world mom doesn’t so I had to wait for him to come and visit… I did get my fingerless gloves done though… I Have pictures just haven’t had time to resize them… Well just wanted to say hey and let ya’ll know how it went at the knit fling… now I’m gonna go relax and knit will try and catch up some how :??

Welcome back!!! Were the A needles Addis? I’d love to go someplace and jsut knit all night long. I get close here at home, but the getting up in the morning thing stops me. :wink:

Sounds like an AWESOME time! Welcome home, Dusti!!

:cheering: thats them!! Thank you Ingrid… I have a pair of 6s thanks to Brendajos but we both had trouble knitting that shawl on the 15s the join was a bigggg problem once we changed no problem at all…

I forgot I got my free yarn I now know why it was free :rollseyes: andddd anyone think the girl on knitwerx banner looks like Katie Holmes??? Ok now I"m off to knit!! :XX:

WELCOME BACK, Dusti!! sounds like u had fun :cheering: :cheering:

Thanks you guys!! We did have a wonderful time its always hard coming back up cause my son misses them so much… this time it will be easier cause we have Thanksgiving and Christmas… just wish we could live closer so he could be close to his grandparents oh ok the truth so I could be close to my parents LOL :lol: