Hey everyone! Remember me?

Okay, so I’m back (yet again).

My house is freezing cold as the heater is broken (the motor in the heating fan blew out and we’re waiting on the repair man to get in the new parts to fix it). So in the meantime, the gas fireplace is being well used.

I’ve decided that it’s as good as time as any to huddle down under some sheets and blankets and knit. I’m working on a bag to hold my laptop. I’ve decided to make it a simple garter stitch bag that is basically one piece of fabric folded over and a strap is knitted on. I haven’t decided on whether or not to make the opening with a zipper, or just to have the whole thing flap over and close with a button.

I plan on lining it with some cloth too, just haven’t gotten there yet. I’ve also ordered this book about knitting various different ways using a simple garter stitch (and of course more yarn). Can’t wait for those to come in.

:waving: Stay warm! Happy :knitting: .

Welcome back! Good to hear from you although sorry to hear about the fan. Hope it gets fixed soon because more cold weather is apparently on the way.
We’d love to see the laptop bag. Great idea.

Welcome back!!