Hey auburnchick

Yes, Roll Tide Roll! If its any help, my oldest son wants to be a vet so guess where he is going in 3.5 years. My husband just will not talk about it! I guess I will have to design a scarf–half AU and half UA. I live in west Alabama about a hour from Meridian, MS. The nearest knit store in Tuscaloosa or Mobile; so I pick up yarn that I like when I can. I have a 3 drawer chest full of yarn and not enough time.

My condolences! :teehee:

We’re 100% AU fans here. Always will be.

My dd also plans to major in veterinary medicine. Our young-uns will be there the same time!!! She is also hoping to play soccer for Auburn. She’s a pretty good little player. Of course, knowing our luck, she’ll get offered a scholarship to UF and, along with Bright Futures, will wind up going there instead. Uuggghhh, I CAN’T STAND Florida!

Oh well, we can still be friends since we have children the same age and knitting in common.

:muah: :hug:

hee this is so cute. Sounds the stuff sappy chick flicks are made of.

hehe. :heart:

We can be BFF 4+ever. :wink:

:roflhard: :roflhard: