Hey...anyone have any "squares" laying around?

Hi everyone…Happy New Year!!! Just stopped at our local craft store yesterday, and they are in need of 7" by 9" squares (of any color/pattern)…They are creating blankets for “Warm up America”…So as I am :knitting: it occurred to me that some of us whip up squares and never use em!!! (practice stuff)…So, any out there, pm me. Thanks in advance. Cheley

Technically they are rectangles… :teehee:

I’ve got a bag of them I started awhile back and toss one in now and then. I’ve been making squares for the “Squares of Many Colors” blankets that Sandy is making lately though.

SORRY ‘BOUT’ THE WRONG SIZE…JUST THOUGHT I’D GIVE THE KH SITE A SHOT. I am a member of other sites too, so I’d better go on each one and specify the size:aww: Jan, pm’d you

Oh I’m just teasing! The word makes no difference since you specified the size. Here’s a link to WUA so others can check it out if they’d like to.


My package just went in the mail. Thanks so much for assembling!!!

[B]This sounds cool, and easy. I have wanted to make a blanket since I started, but then it didn’t sound too fun. I have a book on patterns I can try out with these squares:thumbsup: , is there any end date to this?

By the way, how much yarn do you think I need for this?[/B]