Hey Amy, or anyone else.. Boye circ question

I am about to start knitting my FIL’s hats and the patterns I am using, both call for 16" circs. Now I know I’ve seen this before, but I couldn’t find it in the search. Do you have any problems using your shortest boye cord, even if it’s a bit longer than 16"? I don’t want to run into any problems since this will be my first hat. I’m scurred! :blush: :help:

As long as the stitches fit without stretching, you can use a longer circ. Remember, though, that the 16" measurement is from needle tip to needle tip.

yeah, I remember about the needle tip to needle tip. I know that the Boye circs are about what… 5? 6? inches longer

I’m still planning on getting my Denise kit too. I doubt I will have it in time to do these hats though. Need to get a move on since they were for Father’s day. :lol:

I would just cast on the st you need and see if you can join the row without too much trouble. OR you can try doing a magic loop or use to circs. That way if the pattern calls for changing to dpns later on, you won’t have to. Its a thought!