Hey Amy - Did you know your site is linked to from here?

I was perusing this sitebecause someone from knitlist mentioned the vintage stuffed animal pattern and I saw that they refer back to here, knittinghelp.com for the videos! This museum is in London. Oh, and the stuffed toys are here.


WOW! :shock: The Victoria and Albert Museum!!! How very prestigious!! :sunny:

For those who don’t know, the V&A museum is a WONDERFUL museum for arts and crafts and culture. It’s in Kennsington (London), next to the Natural Science Museum. They showcase all sorts of things - fashion history, textiles, furniture, toys - all sorts. (Akin to the Smithsonian in D.C.) It’s fantastic…

Well done, Amy! :notworthy:


:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Right on… :thumbsup: That is so cool. :smiley: It’s not too big of a surprise though, as we all know this is THE place for :XX: knowhow.
Great news Amy! :happydance:

Amy is the bizzom :happydance:

:shock: Ooooh, that’s great! Thanks y’all. :blush:

The other impressive link I know of, for the curious, is one from Wikipedia. In a search for knitting, there we are, above the Vogue Knitting link :shock:. :happydance:

what’s up with that instructor’s fingers looking like Violet Beauregard’s after she ate the gum?

very cool coverage!!

Ewww. She looks a little cyanotic. [color=darkblue]Code blue!!![/color] Get the woman some oxygen!! (I need a smiley for this.)