Hey 70s Kids

If you grew up in the 70s, you may remember this Mr. Yuk ad. The part where the cord is waving around shooting electricity freaked me out completely when I was a kid. But then, I guess that was sort of the point.


I don’t remember the commercial, but, I wasn’t born until '77, so…lol…But, I do remember Mr. Yuk! Actually, I have a bunch of Mr. Yuk stickers all over my house, on all the cabinets with cleaning supplies…They’ve worked great too, my kids have never even tried messing with the cabinets because I explained to them if they see that sticker, stay away because there’s yucky stuff in there…lol

OH, my goodness! That’s rather terrifying. Especially telling children that their home is FULL of things that are dangerous and will make them sick! WOW!

I was born in 1960, so I would have been a teenager in the 70’s. But I don’t remember seeing anything like this! And I’m rather relieved about that. Maybe this didn’t air where I lived (at the time.)

Interesting to see how PSA’s have changed in 40 years, huh?

@Demonica–I read somewhere that they did a lot of experimentation coming up with a face that children would find repulsive. They didn’t want to use something that may be inadvertently atttractive to kids (like skull and crossbones on poison = hey! It’s pirate juice! Let’s drink it.)

@MoniDew–yep, I’m telling you–I was too scared to pull a cord out of the wall for years! ETA: I was born in 71 and used to remember seeing it on in the afternoons during the typical kids shows one would watch at that age…

I think I remember this…and I was born in '79…