Hexagon Purse

Hi knitters -

I saw this pattern in a magazine (Easy Knits maybe) for a hexagon purse. It’s about 6 hexagons sewn together with lots of colors. Unforturnately, the instructions just say something like, knit six hexagons and attach based on the diagram. Well, how in heck do you knit a hexagon? I’m a relative beginner, but I’m picking up quickly - if someone has a pattern (or maybe a video Amy :wink: please pass it along.



You can cast on X amt., then increase on both ends til your piece measures half of the size you want, then begin decreasing on both ends til you’re back to your cast on amount of stitches. You would have to experiment with increasing/decreasing, say, alternate rows or every 4th or whatever, to get a shape you like.

[COLOR=“RoyalBlue”][B]Here’s[/B][/COLOR] another way - she did this in the round and has how to do both pentagrams and hexagrams.


I found the link to the pattern that I’m trying to do from Knit Simple:



That’s a cute purse! I see now it is not quite what I was picturing - although I did search around in Google for modular knitting yesterday.

I have a pattern for a similar type purse, although it’s just one big hexagon shape - you make the first triangle by casting on an odd amt, then on all odd rows do a k2tog at both ends and do a s1, k2tog, psso in the middle, eventually decreasing down to 3 or 5 st. Then you pick up along the side and make another triangle. You wouldn’t be able to make the color changes like KnitSimple shows unless you picked up along your cast on edge, but a multicolored would be nice and make the changes for you if you did the side pick up!

The [COLOR=“RoyalBlue”][B]Brea Bag[/B][/COLOR] might give you some ideas - you could omit the cable and just make each row with a couple more sets of the pattern stitch, then seam together to complete a hexagon shape.

I also found [COLOR=“RoyalBlue”][B]this[/B][/COLOR] little tutorial, very similar to the link from yesterday but pix included.

Can you get the Fall 2007 issue of Knit Simple anywhere? The directions are in it. I just picked it up a few days ago, finally last night sat down to look thru it - I saw the purse and just knew it was the one you were talking about. I’d offer mine to you, but there is a cable vest in it I think I’m going to make soon. Besides, you can probably pick it up cheaper w/a coupon and not have to pay postage.


I actually saw it first in the mag - maybe I’m missing something, but the instructions say:

Make center hexagon first
and then the first step seems to start in the middle…are there instructions on how to make the hexagon some where?



I suspect the online page is a sweetener to get you to buy the magazine perhaps that has the full instructions…??

I went back to the home page and it says it’s a ‘web exclusive’ but so many aspects of the pattern are missing I just assume the magazine has the full pattern.

I was confused about who was saying what for a moment…is this all the mag had in it? It was not a part two from a previous edition? Is this is ALL they’re offering it’s not that helpful but I know some mags will have a 3 part series.

I found many people who had made a pattern for something called the Basalt Tank Top. They had knitted a hexagon series of shapes for the top. I could not locate the pattern however and I suspect it came from Vogue.

Norah Gaughan’s book, [I]Knitting Nature[/I], has a whole chapter on hexagons in every imaginable permutation. Amazing.

The complete directions are in the back of the magazine, in the section at the back that has complete directions for all the magazine’s projects. I’m at work now and didn’t bring the magazine with me, but I think I’m remembering page 78 for the directions. I can double check it when I get home.


The directions for the hexagon purse are in [I]Knit Simple[/I], page 88 (pattern number 23). Has anybody knitted this yet? If you have, are there any errors?


Carolyn’s right - complete directions are on pages 88 & 89. It spells out row by row how to make the hexagon on page 89.