Hes home!


Just thought I’d let everyone know our son Jeff is safe and sound back in the USA from a VERY LONG YEAR away from home in Iraq.Thanks to everyone who said prayers and well wishes and hugs

:woot: That’s Wonderful!! Give him a big hug from my family and Thank you :woot:

Thank the Lord. And hugs all around :slight_smile:

Congratulations! Enjoy your reunion and thank him for me!

:woot: :woot: :woot: :woot:
:grphug: :grphug: :grphug: :grphug:

Oh… what great news… Please thank him for his service to this country… it is so appreciated and thank you also to his family who miss him so much when he is away…My 3 nephews are in the Navy and I consider today’s military to be the BEST OF THE BEST… I LOVE THEM ALL!!!

I’m so happy for you all, Julie!! :hug::hug::hug:

Oh goodness. I thought you were talking about yer husband. Forgive my mistake.

[B]How wonderful to hear that your lovely son is home and safe.[/B]
[B]I am so truly happy for you and your family.:grphug: [/B]

I’m so glad your son is home safe & sound!!! :hug:

Yay! :slight_smile:

to your son for coming home safe and sound!!!

Good news! I’m so glad he’s home safe. I hope he knows just how much he is appreciated.

I’m so glad to hear that your son is home safe & sound.

That is wonderful news! :hug:

:woohoo: I always sigh with relief when I hear that one of our men and women have returned home safely! :woot:

:cheering: :woohoo: :happydance:

I’m so glad for you he is back safe and sound. My brother-in-law comes home in March from Iraq (hopefully Crossed Fingers for good).

That is wonderful news.:woot:Let him know that we are thankful to him for his service. I am so proud of our young men and women in serivce. :muah:

Hallelujah!! Good for you, WELCOME HOME!! -and Thank You for what you do-TO him from me :mrgreen:

:hug::hug::hug: :woot::woot::woot:

I’m glad your son, Jeff is home safe and sound.