Herringbone Stitch Help

Hi everyone,
I’m working on this cowl: http://www.purlbee.com/2011/01/05/whits-knits-big-herringbone-cowl/

And I’ve encountered some possible troubles. I’ve been following the pattern exactly, so I’m not sure what happened, but the area where I end/start a new round looks really weird. So the pattern is usually \\\, then /////, right? But when I end the \\ round, I turn the direction of the following stitch (as the pattern indicates), and I end up with the stitch before the marker looking like , and the next stitch looking like this: / (beginning the //// round). So then I have 2 stitches that look like /\ next to each other, and that does not look right :confused: I figured that all the stitches all the way around each round should look either like /// or \, so what’s going on here?

I can upload a pic if that might be helpful! Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Are you ending the round with one stitch left before the marker so that you have to remove the marker, use the next stitch and then replace the marker?
I’ve always loved this cowl and the herringbone stitch. It is slow going however and you really do need a lifeline.

ETA: Maybe this video will help. The sample shown at the beginning is not the correct placement of the stitch marker. At about 4:15 time point, the end of round movement of the marker is shown with the change from one round to the next. See if it helps.

Thanks for replying…yeah, I have been doing that (finish the round with 1 stitch, move the marker, finish the stitch in pattern, switch the direction of the stitch on the needle, and begin new row), but I still get this weird /\ thing goin on :confused:

I’ve seen that video, and it’s been super helpful! But no clue what’s going on with this…any ideas?