Herringbone Rib socks for Mom

My Mom absolutely LOVES the last pair of socks I knitted her, so I’m knitting up these using Regia Bamboo Color which is a blend of bamboo, wool, and polyamid (whatever the heck that is!)

Ooohh…those are pretty! Thanks for the pattern!

Here’s the sock so far. The pattern is very easy once you get it, it’s just taking a bit of time. But I really like these and am going to make another pair for myself!

Very pretty! That yarn is lovely!!

Thanks for sharing the pattern. Looks great so far … can’t wait to see the finished product! :cheering:

There is NOTHING LIKE a gift of handmade socks!..esp when one is the recipient.

Great job, and I love the color you chose. Lucky Mom you have…my daughters don’t knit, sob.

Those are beautiful! She will love them

Nice! I’m jealous!

[B][COLOR=DarkOliveGreen]Really nice.
Lucky mom![/COLOR][/B]

Oooh, they are going to be so pretty!! Lucky mom!