Herringbone edging (horizontal) and increasing?

Before I begin my next project I was hoping to find out if there is a way to increase, in pattern, with the horizontal herringbone stitch? (i.e. go from 70 sts to 82 sts, while maintaining the herringbone look)

I’m trying to design a baby blanket that uses two edgings in herringbone, I want to pick up stitches around the blanket and increase at the corners.

The little I was able to find was from another thread on here from 5 years ago, http://www.knittinghelp.com/forum/showthread.php?t=93256, which sums up saying to use the KRL increase. I imagine when I can get around to testing my idea out this will be my source to try and create increases at the corners. But if someone actually knows that this is how it’s done or if there is a different way I’d greatly appreciate hearing about it!

OR if someone knows of a way to knit two separate edgings onto one blanket at the same time I wouldn’t mind knowing how to do that either! :wink:

If you want to increase gradually and maintain the herringbone stitch, you’ll have to increase 2sts each time to stay in pattern. Can you place the increase at the join between the edging and the body of the blanket? Or do you want to incrrease from 70 to 82sts all at once?

Not all at once but at each corner of the blanket to keep the edging flat. Would it be better just to pick-up all the stitches I would ever need to create the edging? I think that would be too much to start and make the edging untidy??

I guess I’m wondering which increase to use to maintain the herringbone pattern? Will the KRL increase work just fine? or K1FB?

Ah, yes. Well, what if you increase the sts when you pick them up around the corner (as you suggest)? If the border isn’t very deep, the initially picked up sts may be enough to round the corner and keep the border flat. One alternative is to knit the 4 borders separately and straight up two sides (say the north and south sides). Then pick up and knit the border across the other two side (the east and west). That way you wouldn’t be turning the corners at all.
As to which increase, I think the KRL (or KLL) is a more organic, less obvious increase but I think that it would help to try each one out on your test swatch.
I’m fascinated by how you’ll use this lovely stitch in your project. Do post a photo if you’d like.

I like the idea of knitting one side at a time! Then I definitely wouldn’t have to worry about increasing at the corners. Just afterwards seam the edges together, I really want that method to work versus knitting hundreds of stitches in the round!

Hopefully I get to start on this soon! I always start another project in the middle of one and I’m making myself finish the other 3 I’ve got going before starting this one. It helps that I don’t have the yarn for it either :).

Totally agree with Salmonac! :thumbsup: