Herringbone casing stitch


The instruction is as follows:-
Join elastic in a ring and place inside waistband. Work herringbone casing stitich over elastic on every alternate rib stitch, enclosing elastic.

Is anyone able to tell me how to do herringbone casing stitch please?

At the moment, I have a knit one purl one rib waistband of one and a half inches on stitch holders.
Many thanks if you can help.

I believe the herringbone stitch is a sewing technique to insert elastic into waistbands. I think you sew “around” the elastic (not through it) to keep it in place but let it retain its elasticity. I bet a sewing stitch site would be a good place to find out how it’s done.

Welcome Wordsmith42!

Here’s a couple instructions with illustrations:
Site #1 (Scroll down a bit)
Site #2

Thanks to you both for you help.

I’d decided it was a sewing stiitch Yvonne but have been trying work out how to do it while incorporating the stitches I have on the stitch holders. I may have to cast off first although the pattern doesn’t say to do that :rollseyes:

Thanks for the site info Amy - really clear instructions - I have used this for hemming before (while sewing that is). And thanks for the welcome too :smiley: