Heretical musings re ravelry

I AM on the list, but…
I’ve been asking myself:

1 do I need ravelry?
2 do I want ravelry?
3 will ravelry actually improve my life, or will it be yet another time-sucking/tush-expanding/not even knitting while I’m at it/self-indulgent pastime that my life would be better without?

Just asking.

  1. yes
  2. yes
  3. yes. I knit while on the site so it can be productive.


if you want to knit your christmas presents, ravelry is a great place to research pattern and yarn options. there are also lots of local groups, kind of like our “knitters near you” forum.

I don’t think, for me at least, that the groups/forums can replace KH in [I]any[/I] possible way. NOTHING can replace KH. However, Ravelry is a fantastic resource!

Lets use the sweater I think I’m going to knit for example. I am thinking of making Sitcom Chic. So I can go into the pattern section of Ravelry and look it up. It tells me there are 54 projects either finished/in progress/frogged, etc. So I click on the link to the Sitcom Chic projects. From here I can see pictures and comments about every project. I can also click a tab on this page that shows me all the yarns people have used in their Sitcom Chic sweaters so I can get an idea about that.

That’s the tip of the iceberg, but as you can see, it’s very cool!!

exactly!!! i’m just thinking, the more the merrier. :wink:

Yes that would be less time consuming than the method I currently use - using Google to get people’s comments and pictures of a project.

I would say that for the first week I was on Ravelry, it was a time suck. But I saw the importance of entering all of my project info and decided to devote the time. After all, it wouldn’t be the awesome collaborative community it is if no one took the time to enter their stuff.

Since then, it’s saved me [B]gobs[/B] of time. I adore it. What used to take an hour of googling and clicking around on forums and knitblogs now takes like two minutes. :thumbsup:

it took me quite some time to get in and start using it once i got my invite. after i did though, i really enjoy it. i am happy to have a place that catalogs almost all my yarn (i didn’t waste time on the cwap yarn or the partial skeins… and there are a LOT of them…lol) and all my needles. I also like that i get in a mood and want to make a baby blanket i can go through and see pics of baby blankets others have done. i can also see if there is a link to a pattern and save it. There are some fun groups in there but i don’t spend much time in any group these days (including this one. :shifty:) it is definitely worth it but i think the thing that took me so long was that it was so overwhelming. It is also written mostly for the firefox users of the world and since i have no issues with IE there are some things on there that can be a bit buggy. (ooh and i still hate that i have to use flickr for my pics but i am getting over that! :teehee:)

I agree 100%. I :heart: Ravelry! :cheering:

Ravelry is now officially my FAVORITE place to search for knitting patterns.

Like yesterday, I wanted to make a headband. So I looked under “Patterns”, and was able to search for headbands very quickly, seeing photos of finished projects right there on the screen. Plus, I could read people’s opinions of the patterns, and what yarns they used.

There is NOTHING else out there like Ravelry. It’s a brand new thing that is WAY cool. :thumbsup:

I’m still waiting for my invite, but what I can tell you is that I think I can use some of the tools to better help me organize my “stuff” Needles, so I don’t buy the same pair again and again, Yarn so I know how much of what I have and what are some projects I can use it with, and patterns. I doubt it will replace either my blog or my postings here, but if I use it as a tool, an organization tool, then just maybe I won’t have too many uncontrolled yarnages.

I’m in no hurry, really. When I get on I get on. I’ll use what works for me and disregard the rest. And if it doesn’t work for me, oh well.

Yes, knitcook, I think that’s how I feel. For example, I don’t often search for patterns. Most of the time I know exactly what I want to make. I do like to know about other knitters’ opinions of yarn, though: if it’s easy to work, if it pills, etc. And I have manageable stash and needle collection.

Most recently I bought Meg Swansen’s “A Gathering of Lace” and when I start looking through it, it puts me into an altered state. It makes me feel like knitting lace of that quality should be my raison d’etre. I’m not young, but reading the book makes me want to dedicate the rest of my life to getting to the point at which I could make things like that! In short, books of this nature inspire me much more than anything I have ever come across on line.

Ahhh but see Mrs. Davis, here is the beauty of Ravelry. I put the name of the book in the pattern search and look what I found. Everyone who is making these patterns! You can see how they look in different colors, yarns and comments. Just way too cool! :cheering:

still… waiting… for… invite…


and don’t forget, if you find others who have knit your same pattern, they make comments about it. so you can see the mods they have made, or the pitfalls they have discovered.

plus, if you have a certain yarn, you can search for it and see what others have done to get ideas of what to do for it.

i love the queue and project pages too. i can track my progress on projects and see how many wip’s i have in progress at any one time. it is uber satisfying to complete a project and add lovely pics and then share them with groups i am in. i even had someone favorite MY palindrome hat about 2 minutes after i posted it! how gratifying is that?

for those waiting for your invites, have faith, it is sooooooooooooooooo worth it.

I just got my invite. I just went in there and signed up and joined the knittinghelp group :heart::hug: and signed up for Flickr and I’m exhausted :zombie: . woooo… it’s intimidating, aii. I need to work on it when I have more time and energy. I can see how it can be useful for me, but doubt I’m organized enough to try to use it to get organized :roflhard: :aww:

:cheering: It is a little :zombie: when you first see it. I still don’t have any stash listed and not even all my projects, but it doesn’t have to be all at once. :wink:

I just love the place. I’ve entered a portion of my stash, but not all of it, by any means. One of the cool things on the site is this: When you put in your stash, then list a project that uses that yarn, it automatically shows that you have used that yarn from your stash! I’m wondering what other “hidden” tricks there are.

And another cool thing. I’ve already been asked two times if they can use one of my project photos as the site photo for a specific pattern! :slight_smile:

Oh, that is too cool! Now I’m starting to get antsy about getting my invite! :woot:

I’ve been asked two times too! But I could only say yes once. I made some gryffindor socks, but adapted the pattern from the original, so didn’t think it would be right to use that picture.
I like the books section too. You can search the name of a book under patterns, and it will bring up patterns from the book, kind of giving you a better picture of what’s in the book and whether or not you’ll like it. I just researched the book “Junior Knits” by Debbie Bliss on ravelry, saw that it’s got some great patterns in it, and went ahead and bought it, based on what I saw from ravelry. And it’s an awesome book, I know I will make several of the patterns from it.