Here's What You Do With That iPhone

you are very welcome! i stole it from someone else on another forum and it tickles her to no end when i use it. :roflhard:

I have Verizon too, and I’m also in the Boston area. My phone sucks though, it’s the LG “V” when it first came out. Crappy reception, crappy phone and voice quality and I get absolutely no signal in my house (and my roommates does, she has Verizon).
So it’s not just zkimom

I do like my phone for texting and it was Verizon’s only qwerty option at the time. That is one thing I hate about Verizon, they’re so slow to update their phone technology. I know it’s to wait until other companies shake out the bugs, but so many of their phones are lousy! I’ve even had this specific phone replaced once (for free) since there was a software bug that made it turn itself on and off of its own free will.

I’ve probably gotta go fork over extra cash for a new phone now.:rollseyes:

:oops: I was very harsh in that post. Apologies.

No sirs! Not harsh at all. :hug:
I was just chiming in with my own Verizon related frustrations so zkimom didn’t feel all alone.

Silly internet, what with the lack of facial expressions and tone of voice and all. :teehee:

From the research I did, there are a lot of parameters involved. There’s the phone, the CDMA vs GSM issue, whether the phone is trimode or not (here, to get reception in rural areas, you absolutely need a trimode phone. The most recent phones don’t seem to be trimode though), the number of towers, the number of obstacles for reception, etc., etc. etc. :shock: So when somebody says he/she has bad reception, it could be due to various reasons. And trying to identify the problem isn’t easy for the poor customer who simply tries to get a decent phone service… :rollseyes: Companies are not always helpful for that unfortunately.

Is it the 8600? That’s the phone I have! I am hearing impaired and the first time I used this phone, I actually had to turn the earpiece volume DOWN. For me, that is a huge deal. The only time I had reception issues with Verizon, it was due to a faulty phone. When I got that one replaced, I had no other issues.

The black one? 8600 sounds right. I picked it because it was the skinniest phone they had besides the Razr. I’ve heard bad things about the Razr, and I’ve loved all my LG phones (okay, so this is only my third, but still.) The one thing I don’t like is the speaker phone is not as good as on my last one, but I think they’re doing that to make you buy a headset. I don’t drive any more, so it’s not as big of an issue as it was.