Here's What You Do With That iPhone


I would love to see it, however, I’m on dial up :ick:

:roflhard: That was awesome, but I have one question…


im with you. i want that blender!

(and the iphone. he shoulda given it to me)

Someplace, somewhere, Bill Gates is silently cheering. :roflhard:

Pretty impressive blender.:teehee:

OMG! :roflhard:

He did put it on Ebay! :roflhard::roflhard:

This is so cruel… and funny. I bet you some Apple/Mac fans will have heart attacks looking at this. :roflhard::rofling:

And it IS on ebay?:chair::roflhard:

Yep, he did indeed list it on eBay.

The video comes from a site called You can see him blend all sorts of stuff. Some of it is pretty funny. He even blended a bunch of those glow sticks, in the dark, and it was really cool.

It also links to the company that sells the blenders (it’s their site actually).

Ohmigoddess this is so funny. And the bid for it on ebay is over $1000!!!

WHOA!!! That blender costs $400!!!

blessed feces!

52 freakin’ bids… surely people have better things to do with their money… like give it to me!!

Personally, I think all cell phones would be better off in the blender.

One day they might figure out how to give us a phone that, I don’t know, actually receives calls. :shrug:

Has anyone else noticed that you no longer get a date and time for all those missed calls? And that messages arrive days later?

I went into a Cingular store the other day trying to pick out a replacement phone. One phone had an MP3 player in it, another for $100 less, did not. So I asked the young man at the counter if paying the extra $100 for the MP3 player model would give me better cell reception. He looked at me strangely and said, no, it just gives you an MP3 player. Great – I get to listen to tunes while I miss calls.:grrr:

Anyway, all the reviews I’ve read have said the iPhone is great for everything except use as a phone.

They must really think we are stoopid.

I’m with you on that one!!! I’m shopping for my first cell phone and I never thought it would be such a nightmare. I want a good phone, good call quality, good reception, good price. Period. It’s not rocket science!!! Well it seems harder to find than I thought! :wall:

:shrug: I think it’s just Cingular. My mom and brother have the same complaint about Cingular/AT&T, but I’ve never had trouble with calls on any of my T-mobile phones. You don’t even get times for missed calls? :??

I once got a 2 week old message. :ick:

I love WillItBlend, good times.



I am stealing that for everyday use dakatz!

$500. He’ll need to sell it to get his money back.

Um. That’s definitely just you. The only place I don’t get reception is in elevators and on the subway (and these are both a “sometimes I get reception, sometimes I don’t” thing). I never get messages late, and my missed calls always have the date and time. I have Verizon, with one of the mp3-playing LG’s (looks sorta like a black Razr.) I love Verizon…almost never have reception problems.

AT&T…ugh. What a nightmare. I’m so glad I only had a one-year contract.