Here's My Stuff

Here’s some stuff that I’ve been working on. I hope it’s alright if I post the afghans- they’re crocheted.

I’m sorry the pictures aren’t too good. I took a couple of them inside.

You’ve been busy!! Everything looks great!! You did a wonderful job on all of them. :cheering:

The first three pics didnt load for me, but I love the next two. :)… I could never do that many color changes when crocheting… you must have a lot of patience :cheering:

Thanks a lot! I wonder why the pics didn’t load? They worked fine for me.

I’m also working on the Poonam sweater from Berroco, but I don’t have that one with me right now. I finished the back, and I’m halfway on the front.

Ahh they loaded this time!!! GORGEOUS… I especially love the first one :slight_smile:

Beautiful work! The cable pattern is very pretty!!

I forgot to post the (bad) pics of the yarn I got from KnitPicks:

3 Hanks KnitPicks WOTA bulky - emerald

4 balls KnitPicks Merino Style- Storm

I don’t know what I’m going to make out of any of it. I think the WOTA is going to be a jacket.

Those are great!

Lovin’ the Alexi Cardigan~!! :cheering: :cheering:
Crocheted FO are just great… I might PM you if you don’t mind from time to time b/c I am trying to learn to crochet too~! but Knitting will always be my first :heart: :heart: :rofl:

That’s fine with me.

Those are beautiful!!! :cheering: :cheering:

Here’s a better pic of the Alexi Cardigan. This is from the Berroco Site.

Way 2 Go!

I just knitted a hat similar to the sweater to see if I could pay attention to the pattern enough to risk a “fun” sweater.

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Lookin’ good!


They are really nice looking!

I love the granny sq afghan you crocheted! :notworthy: