Here's my Roll Victorian Pillow

I have to say I LOVED knitting this pillow.:woohoo: I knit it in sections then joined them all together. Its 20 inches long and 9 inches wide. I put it right on my beautiful iron bed.

That’s beautiful! :inlove:

Did you work from a pattern or just figured this out on your own?
If it’s the latter, would you consider writing it up?


Excellent work on it! It’s beautiful!

Here is the pillow pattern. I bought the book just for this pattern then weeks later someone posted it was FREE online. The directions are a lot easier to read in the book. As I said, I knit mine in sections then joined them all together. It was much easier for me to do it that way.

I bought the pillow form at Joanns with a coupon so that worked out nicely for me. Enjoy!!:cheering:

what a pretty pillow quiltlady! i am glad you were able to get the pattern :slight_smile:

LOVELY, bet it looks nice on your bed:cheering:

Gorgeous! What a neat project to be able to show off!

Gorgeous! Great job…it looks great on your bed!

That looks beautiful



That is very pretty–I like the different colors and patterns. It turned out excellent!

Very pretty. I would love to make one for my sofa.

That is just beautiful and it looks good on the bed too!

It is absolutely amazing.

I will have to make one or two of those .

Thank you so much for sharing.


[B]Quilt Lady!

That is so pretty! I would be afraid to use it and get it messed it up![/B]

Ooh, it’s so pretty! Very elegant work, great job :slight_smile:

You have done a wonderful job on that. I keep eying up that pattern in my book, I must have go at some point.

Was it easy to make up? The stitches look o.k but I always worry when it comes to the sewing part.

I have made another item from that book, but can’t show it until my swapper gets her parcel.

Fabulous!!! Looks like something you’d find in a designer catalog.