Here's my new knitting project tote bag

I saw this tote in the latest issue of “Quilt Sampler” magazine. It was shown on display on the page of the first shop they featured. I LOVED it so I called that store and they had kits for sale. I ordered one and got it last week and here is my completed tote. I LOVE it. It’s called a “Victorian Carpet Bag”. ITs very large. So it will hold my knitting projects.

It is beautiful.
Stunning! just like everything you make.
Pure talent.

I really love it :slight_smile:

It’s so gorgeous!

Beautiful!:inlove: Great job! It does look very Victorian too.

:muah:That makes me so jealous of quilters! I can sew quite a bit, but not anything that nice! Great job and great looking bag!

Love it!!! Great job, too!!! :inlove: