Here's my latest Toddler Sweater

I’m happy with how this turned out. I love the color. It’s a cotton blend and a blueish purpleish color. :lol:

As you can see I have to buy buttons for it. I need to start a button collection right away!!!:cheering:

So cute!!

[I]WHAT[/I] pattern is that!? It’s adorable!:inlove:

That is so cute! Please share the pattern.

Really wonderful looking!


Oh my goodness!!! :inlove:

looks like something you would buy at one of those Expensive Child Clothing Stores! Wow!

The sweater is from a wonderful book called “Natural Knits for Babies and Mom’s” by Louisa Harding. The book is FULL of nice sweaters. The last few that I knit and posted pics. of here were all from this book. :inlove:

There are only two sweaters in the book for mom’s and those anyone could wear they are so nice…not just for a pregnant lady.

Here is the book…

I highly recommend it. I plan to knit a few more projects from this book.:happydance:

I LOVE that! :inlove:
Gorgeous work! :wink:

VERY nice! :slight_smile:

very nice work. Your toddler will look very smart in that. It’s a classic colour combo too.:thumbsup::thumbsup:

Very nice. You did a great job.:inlove:

Here is a super place to buy buttons:

I bought buttons for the sweater yesterday. I got some the same color as the sweater and they look great. There were SO many kinds to choose from.

I think I really cannot buy buttons ahead of time. I need to keep doing it as I have…knit the project then go shopping for the button that will be perfect. I like the idea of having a stash of buttons tho.:rollseyes:

That is adorable!

Sweet, simple styling which allows your color choices to really SHINE! KUDOS to you! Darling little sweater! It will be a family heirloom! :thumbsup: