Here & There Cables question

Has anyone made the Here and There Cables scarf from Scarf Style? I want to make it for my son, and am trying to figure out how much yarn to buy. 8 balls of Odyssey seems like a lot! And pricey, too. I’ve seen a few on blogs where knitters have made it 56 stitches wide, rather than 74, and I’m wondering how much yarn it took. Has anyone modified this pattern to make a smaller scarf?


I am knitting the scarf know in a tweedy encore worsted using the 56 instead of 74 width. The scarf is now about 13 inches long and I have used at least 100 of the 200 yard ball I’d guess–hard to say. But if I am conservative I’d say 12 inches per 100 yards with the smaller width version. And too, it depends on how long you/he wants the scarf. You can always buy 5 or 6 balls of the yarn and see what the length is like then.