Here is my Denise Bag!

Yea!! I finished it. :cheering: This is the second thing I’ve ever felted and it came out pretty well. I used Noro yarns and it took three balls :XX: :XX: . Was fun! :happydance:

That looks awesome – love the colors!

That bag is beautiful…!!! I :thinking: that will be my next project…


Very nice!! Dont you love the finished product?

:smiley: Love it!! I really love that colorway :smiley: Each one I see makes me think about knitting one for my Denises :wink:

Very pretty!

I love the colours!
Really beautiful!


Love it!


So pretty - the colors are awesome!

That looks great! I keep thinking to make one for my Denises. I guess I’ll have to finish off a few projects here so that I can justify starting a few more.

:thumbsup: Lovely! I’d like to make one, but then I’d have to get the dyed Denise’s so they’d match! :lol:


Beautiful work, and great choice on the colorway!

I just adore that pattern and the colors are great!

yes yes, great colours, your’e going to really enjoy using that bag!
I’ve always been in love with No. 95 Noro and this looks close but I don’t think so? What colour is it? ummmmmm

good job; great colors!