Here is ’’Anna’s song shawl.’’

It was fun to make it!:woohoo:

That is really beautiful! I love this. Great work!

It is lovely. I am so impressed with your lacework, and the way you design such beautiful shawls! You have a wonderful talent.

That is so pretty. I love seeing your work, thanks so much for sharing!

You did a wonderful job on it. It’s just beautiful.:woot:

Absolutely beautiful - your talent is amazing!!!

Wow that looks really great!

Oh my gosh, that is so pretty. I love the design and the color. You are certainly a very talented knitter. Your also fast. I love seeing your work. Thank you for sharing.:thumbsup:

Wow, you do beautiful work. I also thought it was very interesting to see the Russian style socks.

Wow! I’m impressed. It’s beautiful :heart::heart:

So pretty!! Another beautiful shawl…great job! :blooby:

Thank you to all for the nice comments!:grphug:

:passedout: WOW! GORGEOUS!

I love the sweater it is patterned after as well.

this is beautiful!!

Stunning work! :yay::yay::yay::yay:

I love everything about it! :yay:

Sigh … maybe one day I’ll tackle something like that. So beautiful!!! I just beginning to branch out on more adventurous projects.

WOW!!! :eyes: You’re amazing!!! :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: Your work is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!


So so pretty!! How long does it take to make?

Congrats on such a beautiful knitting job!