Here I Am!


I hadn’t realized I hadn’t been on these forums since, September 2011! gasp

I’m still around, just haven’t been doing much knitting lately, and, I will admit to lurking on the site at times, especially when I needed to refresh myself on some techniques. I suppose it wouldn’t look like I was a goner, if I would log in each time, eh?:mrgreen:

Anyway, I am knitting some things for Christmas gifts, needed to refresh my memory on ribbing for a flat pattern, got my question answered, and now I can restart, yes I frogged, my hat! :knitting:


Well, welcome back! Good to hear from you whenever and good luck with the hat.

Thank you so much!

I’am here too

Welcome, PaDi!

Hi, AntBee!
I usually hang out at Ravelry, but I’ve dropped in to say hello and see how things are going.