Here are my Fiber Trend clogs

Here is my first and second attempt at making the Fiber Trend clogs. I’m on my third pair right now. I find the pattern easy but I have to be sure that I keep track of what row I’m on or I lose my place easily.

The color is rose but its showing up orange here. I used WOTA and it felted quickly. The big pair are mine and the little ones my 4 yr. gd’s. :cheering:

Those look great! :thumbsup:
I FINALLY bought the pattern for these and I can’t wait to make them some day. I love looking at the beautiful finished examples like yours. :notworthy:

Those look great!

Very pretty! I’m on my second pair, that pattern can be addicting.

Pretty. I like the green trim.

I LOVE wearing my clogs. Enjoy!!

They look beautiful! I have the pattern and materials but I think I’m going to work on summery stuff for the next several months and then give them a try. Great job! :cheering: