Here and There Cable

So I’ve started the here and there cable from Scarf Style. here’s my issue it’s only on one side and I’ve had to frog it several times but every time I start it over the one side is making a little pocket sort of.

I’m pretty sure it’s not supposed to be doing that but how do I fix it?:frog:

I don’t know that particular cable, but i do know i end up with little pockets by accident when i either;

a) work the stitch after the cables too tightly causing a pucker, if there are a couple of cables on the same row this can sort of add up.

b) accidently wrapping the working yarn aroud the stitches to be cabled can create a pocket.

not sure if that is of ay help at all, i’m still fairly new to cabling.

Your b) might be what’s going on here.

and I was trying to be so careful too. maybe I leave it and not frog it and try working a different way to see if that is what I am doing. I’m trying to be really careful about it. I was suprised about how difficult this cable is. Thank you both for your suggestions :cheering: