Herbal Remedies Forum

This is a off topic thread for sure. With all the members on KH I thought someone might know of a good Herbal Remedies forum they could suggest.
I am looking for one that is not associated with a brand name, where they inject their products only. I want real peoples suggestions and expereinces and hoping for knowledgeable people that will share with others the uses of natural herbs in their lives.
So any suggestions, thank you. I pretty much have given up on doctors and their prescriptions, and believe there must be natural sources that can help without the awful side effects of drugs.

:woot: Glad to hear other people like this!!! :smiley:
I’m not positive… I mainly just read books on it at the moment… Mom is on several that I can think of… only one is coming to my mind right now… www.homesteadingtoday.com has a pretty good alternative remedies forum. =)

Thank you, I will check it out.

I am a very strong believer and user of Herbal therapies
but one thing I have to say up front
Herbal therapies ARE drugs, in a more natural form
More natural does not mean side effect free
nor does it ensure it will be stronger, gentler, or better suited for a all ailments
Many things that can be found in Herbal therapy cannot be found in western medicine, so I use them,
but I am still cautious about drug drug interaction with herbals as well as "drugs"
The Germans have done a TON of research on herbal therapies in comparison and in conjunction with western meds

St Johns wort is an MAOI, and should be treated as such
willow bark IS ASA
foxglove is very dangerous if used full strength
Evening Primrose, raspberry leaf, and cramp bark can all result in early labor if used incorrectly

I appreciate and use herbs frequently, but be an educated consumer

ecb all done on soap box, and no I do not have any single herbal advice forum I use for just that reason you mentioned

ebc, thank you for your reply, I too, am well aware that herbs have side effects and you need to know what you are doing when you take them.
I guess in my case I find that too many modern day western drugs are too broad range and end up treating more than needed and causing more problems. (From experience)
I am looking for a forum of friendly people that share their experiences and knowledge, but still it is up to the person to use their judgement as to what is right for them. In other words you still need to do your own homework.
Thank you