Her temp is 95.7...is that normal?

My daughter Emily has had a bug for a couple of days. First she was puking, she was fine for most of yesterday and then she puked last night and early this morning. Today she has had diarehhea (sic?) and her temp is at 95 degrees? I know what to do when they have a high fever but for it to be low stumps me.

I know there is a great wealth of knowledge here and the nurse at her Dr.'s will get back to me maybe today so I thought I would check with all of you great people. Anyone have any info for me?

Thanks so much!:muah:

How did you take her temp? Oral or ear temps are pretty variable, so I wouldn’t worry about that.

If you took it rectally and it’s still 95, it might be worth mentioning to the doc.

Some people have lower than 98.6 temps naturally. A fungal infection can cause lower temps rather than the higher ones seen as the norm in viral or bacterial infections. Check with the nurse or doc to make sure.

My daughter had the same thing when she was almost 2 (last year). She typically runs a little lower, but even rectally she was 95 degrees. I called the dr and took her in, they took a urine sample too–all was fine. I just have to keep her a little extra bundled all the time. So she was fine, but call the doctor so they can check. :slight_smile: Hot chocolate fixes soooo much! Good luck!

I took it with a ear thermometer, first 95.5 then 95.7. She said she was sleepy but I think it was because she had a “accident” and had to change her undies again. Right now she is eating some applesauce, dry cheerios and water. I just want all of this to be over with!!:pray:

Does she have an ear infection? I think I remember reading that ear thermometers won’t work correctly if there is an infection there.


Without a baseline it’s hard to say - but I know I normally run 96 to 96.5

If I register a 98.6 temp I’m running a fever!

What does her temp run when she is well? Oddly, most people don’t take their temperature when they are well (I mean what’s the point?) I normally always run low like 96°F It means that I generally feel cold in the winter and warmer than most people in the summer. If my temperature gets up to 99°F I know I’m running a real fever.

She probably is just tired from her body being so out of whack. Hopefully she will be up and her old self soon. And when she is well, take her temp as a baseline.

98.6 is just an average- the body changes temperature to try to get rid of infections. Our pediatrician said the temperature can go lower or higher- it is the difference from her “normal” that is important.

personally, my temp goes pretty low when I’m really sick. I rarely, if ever, have a fever over 101. but 95? yup.

ear thermometers can be +/- 2 degrees in accuracy. they can be worse if you don’t have it quite right in the ear canal, or the kid has just been outside, or has just been sleeping on that ear, or has an ear infection… I take the ear temperature twice in each ear to try to get a more accurate picture.

trust your instincts- if you think she’s sicker than she was and your mom spidey-sense is tingly- call the pediatrician. if you think she’s getting better, wait an hour, and check it again…


A low grade fever should be ok, it is just her body workign to fight off the virus. Keep an eye on it to be sure it doesn’t spike too high, but the fever is helping her out even if it feels crappy.

If you aren’t sure you can always call the doc and get their oppinion.

Good luck with this. I was reading your other post and you certainly have had a rough couple weeks. I hope it’s over soon.

Hey Debbie,
If she has had diarrhea you might want to not give her applesauce. Banana may be better. There is a sugar in apples that kids (mainly under 4) have a problem digesting. It can actually cause the runs. If they are already sick, adding apple products such as applesauce or juice can cause them to dehydrate rapidly.
When I was a nanny I had parents tell me all the time to not give them milk or formula which might sour the kids stomach. The ped said the exact opposite.

A low grade fever is a fever that stays below 101°F or 37°C. While that may seem like I lot, generally in that area it is considered “low grade” Anything over 101°F is considered a high fever. Anything over 104°F is considered dangerous. A lowering in body temperature for someone who normally runs at the “norm” (being 98.6°F) just means the body is tired and unless there isn’t a drastic drop in blood pressure is generally nothing to be concerned about.

And it looks like MMario and I were typing the same thing at the same time :slight_smile:

after your fever breaks you can dip a bit
and I know my girls and I all have less than normal temps
just lots of fluids and baths and showers help with keeping temp warm
just make sure that she is not in a cold room, and has plenty of blankets, it all should be fine


My son had the same thing about 2 weeks ago! He was complaining of a tummy ache the day before and the next day he was throwing up and had really nasty diapers. He never felt feverish but I took his temp anyway and it was lower than normal. Right around the same, temp as your daughter.

I know that if your body temp drops too low, it can be dangerous, however, it wasn’t alarmingly low and I kept monitoring it. He seemed ok for about 2 days, then, threw up again. After that, he was fine.

I’m sure everything will be fine within the next few days, but if her temp doesn’t return to normal or drops lower, I’d definitely call the dr.

Hope your little one is feeling better soon.

Thank you all so much for your responses! I knew I could count on the great people here when I felt confuzzled about this. She seems fine now, no more puking, no more diarrhea and she seems to have her appetite back. And of course the nurse never did call me back yesterday:grrr:. I am just not sure about them, I have taken in my girls when one was sick and had to sit in the waiting room with one kid ok, one kid with a bucket and a almost 2 yo for at least 1 hour before they saw us. Then it was about 1/2 hr before the Dr. came in. The only saving grace was the Dr., he was nice and made the sick kid feel at ease (and me!). Does it matter that is it associated with the hospital down the road and it is a “teaching” facility? I may just have to find a privete practice soon.

I’m so glad she is feeling better! It’s such a rotten time of year to be sick!

My body temp is always lower than normal. I’ve never run a fever in my life. When I get sick, which is rare, my temp goes down quite a bit…