Hemp Yarn

I’ve searched many a site for 100% hemp yarn, to no avail. Does anybody know of a good site with reasonable prices for this? I’m finding a range of 10 dollars to 70 dollars… and half of that was mixed with another material.

My hubby is hounding me for a hacky sack ball made of hemp. :shock:

If you want plain old hemp cord, you can find it in the jewelry/bead section of a craft store. That’s what I’m planning on using for my knitty bag.

There’s also this:


:hiding: ummm…you could…grrrrrrrrow the materials… :angelgrin:

Google to the rescue! Aby, found this site that you might want to take a look at. or you can google it yourself I used the terms “Hemp” and “yarn”


thanks… I found the lanaknits site… and that seemed to be the cheapest (price wise) but I wanted to be sure before ordering from an unknown place.

Yeah, I googled it… just wanted to know if anyone had actually ordered from a place and had a good experience.

I’ve just persuaded my local Hemp store to stock Hemp yarn! They should have it in three or so weeks.

I can get the name of the supplier if you like, they are in wales I think.

I can’t wait as it will come in 2 ply, 4 ply and DK with PATTERNS!!!

that would be great… thank you, Egeria

ummm…you could…grrrrrrrrow the materials…

Brendajo! :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

HAHAHA I totally missed that tiny post…

I have a couple of acres… think the helicopters would spot it? :lol:

I just got a newsletter from my LYS with the following quote:

“All Hemp 6 Ply”: is just that–a plied 100% hemp yarn (DK weight). Hard to the touch in the skein, but once knit, it is soft and pliable. This company also offers some simple sweater patterns for men and women. $9.50/sk."

Sorry, no info on size of skein. I can’t find this on their website (it’s a new arrival), but they have an email address and do orders over the internet. Here’s the web address:


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