Hemlock Ring Errata for Row 35? - ugh

hi all - i was knitting merrily along on my hemlock ring blanket and the count was right, the pattern looked great/right, all was wonderful:woot: .

then i got the [B][COLOR=“Red”]Row 35 [/COLOR][/B]and suddently the count was off. i was very careful with stitch count and used markers and double checked counts at the end of row 14 (88 stitches), row 29 (112 stitches) and row 33 (136 stitches) - all correct.

so, since my stitch count was correct all the way up thru row 34, i don’t think i made a mistake.

I began row 35 with 136 stitches (per the pattern), but row 35 does not work the way it’s written. Row 35 says:
*yo, k1, yo, sl 1, k2tog, psso, yo, k4, yo, sl 1, k2tog, psso, (yo, k1) twice; sl 1, k2 tog, psso, k1. repeat from * around.

so i followed the pattern and got to my first marker and found i was 1 stitch short - i ran out of stitches to do the last K1! in other words, i finished the last k2 tog, psso, and did not have 1 stitch left to knit before my next marker.

anyone have any suggestions? I read on Ravelry that some people were having trouble with Row 35 so they all suggested using a corrected printout of this pattern by the Rainey Sisters that supposedly corrected Row 35 errors. That is the pattern i am using and i still am having trouble.

any help would be greatly appreciated - because what makes this difficult for me is that i can knit lace, but have a very difficult time taking it apart to fix mistakes. that means i’ll either have to start completely over (UGH), or at least go back to the rows where it was straight knit (where i can tell what the stitches are supposed to be) and start from there (probably around row 24 or so…

thx in advance for any help:muah:

136/17 stitches per repeat goes evenly 8 times. If you are a stitch short and you actually started with 136 stitches - then you flubbed somewhere on row 35.

IMPORTANT - Row 35 ends with a K1 - leave off YO K1 YO