Hemlock ring blanket: need help with the fan & feather chart

Happy Friday all!

I have been stuck for sometime on this pattern but now have time to tinker with it- with your help!
I have gotten to round 47 which states:
“Remove sm & k9. Replace sm & start round 1 of feather & fan chart (note the 1st 9sts will be worked at the beginning of the round when the sm is moved & again at the end of the round).”

So, where I’m lost is with the moving of the sm. Do I move it every new round or just this one time?

I’m sure this is so simple & I’m over complicating it. Here is the link to the chart if that helps.
I really, really appreciate any advice or tidbits of wisdom :heart:

Thank you & have a wonderful holiday season everyone.


Hemlock Ring Chart

I’m trying to see the written part but the link I clicked took me to a site that doesn’t like my computer settings. I’ll look again, maybe there’s a way I can see it. I am wondering what “sm” means; usually it’s “slip marker” but that doesn’t work here.

Hemlock Ring Doily Throw

Woohoo! I found the pdf! I can’t answer your question but someone will be able to.

According to the original pattern sm was just “stitch marker”. I think I have the original pattern saved on the phone. . But I wouldn’t swear to it. It was a doily pattern from the 50’s and reworked to be large.
Thanks just the same! :slight_smile:

You’re moving the beginning of round marker to a new place. According to the pattern: "The point of shifting the marker is to change the beginning of the round to a better place for the Feather and Fan section."
Move the marker once on this round and then leave it there as you work the feather and fan pattern chart.

The Ravelry projects give you an idea of the overall pattern, spread flat.

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Ok just move it once, got it! Thank you so much. I’ll share the finished piece soon :slight_smile: